Seasons of Change!

Obviously I am not afraid of change! I embrace it. In May I moved my partner to Sacramento to be closer to his daughters. This was a huge move for me. The biggest ever. I left the only place that ever felt like home and moved into a town that would never be home. A month after we arrived I flew to Philly to begin what was supposed to be the greatest adventure of my life. I have dreamed of going to Africa since I was 5. That dream was finally coming true. I also dreamed of living in California which also came true.

I was in Philly for my Peace Corps orientation. Two days later I flew with 49 other wonderful people to Liberia, in West Africa. Yes I was in Liberia, but Ebola took the country hostage and I was forced to evacuate. Do not worry, I do not nor did I ever have Ebola. What most people do not understand is that we built relationship with the families and community that we lived in. Our leaving was devastating to not only us, but to our families and communities. Imagine being able to leave a zombie apocalypse but you had to leave your children or significant other behind. You have no choice, you go they stay. That is exactly how it felt. It was terrifying to leave people you love behind and hope they stay safe.

Coming home was even worse than leaving Africa. Not only was my dream cut short, I came home to intolerable living conditions. As I stated in one of my last blogs, we moved. We actually broke our lease to escape the horror of living in a place that not only had horrible neighbors, but landlords that didn’t deal with the issue, which we informed them about within the first month.

So as we have settled into our new home, we are both sleeping better and I have reclaimed my kitchen. I have even started looking for employment. Funny how things in my life do not just happen, they happen in epic proportions. I got an email Friday from the Peace Corps. I had reapplied late due to moving and a glitch in the system. I had decided to wait until September to rejoin the Peace Corps. I really wanted some time to help Richard build up a support foundation. We have already made some friends in the neighborhood, so I am feeling that this is going to be so much better than before.


The Peace Corps had different ideas of my timeline. They invited me to work on Environmental and Community education in, wait for it,,,,,, Jamaica! Are you serious? Having a Masters in Environment and Community, which is a focused sustainability degree, and being offered a position that uses that degree is amazing. Having learned how to sail and being offered a position in an area known for amazing water is even more than I could hope for.


So I obviously accepted the position. I am still looking for a part time job, I even applied at a few local labs. What I really want is enough money to have some fun on, pay down my student loans and buy anything that comes up for my next adventure. So like I said this is the season for change. I still want to go back to Africa, but once I put in my full 27 months I can become a response volunteer. That is someone who takes short term focused projects. I can choose when I go and where I go and the longest projects will be 1 year. Most will be 3-9 months. I have so many skills and so much education I may be able to serve all over the world. Well I would have to learn some new languages. French is on the top of my list.


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