Riding a bike is so much more than pedaling.

Yesterday, after I finally got Richard up, we went for a nice bike ride.  Not once in my life did I ever imagine doing anything outside in shorts in November.  Yesterday I did just that.  Almost too cold, but not quite.  We decided to ride to Folsom, I have done this already, but he has not.  One of the highlights of the new place is that we are right on the river and the bike trail is just two blocks up and across the bridge.

The first half of the ride was about pedaling.  Really getting your heart and body moving was the goal.  That is until we spotted turkeys along the bike trial!  It is so amazing to see that.  In Seattle I never saw wild turkeys, and it is almost Thanksgiving.


Later we found a boat launch and watched salmon jump about 5 ft out of the river.  I have a soft spot for ducks.  I love ducks of any variety. All along the river there were ducks.  So many varieties, I even saw a pair of ducks I have never seen before.  They were almost blue and much larger than the typical mallards.


We got to the lake at Nimbus Flats as the sun was starting to set.  We decided that it was starting to get cold and dark and that trying to ride around the lake was not safe, so we headed back.  Sometimes it feels like the ride back is longer and you have to pedal harder.  Or maybe it was my knees starting to protest.  Either way I slowed down a bit on the ride back, at least the first half of the ride back.

DSCN0239 DSCN0238

I am glad I had to slow down or I would have missed the greatest part of the entire ride.  I happened to catch a glimpse of a jetty on the river.  In the middle of the jetty surrounded by tall grass was the most amazing 3 pt buck I have ever seen.  He stood and stared at me for a few moments, then as I was getting ready to leave he began to strut.  I was obligated to take more pictures of this magnificent beast.



I am so glad that I bought a camera.  I forgot how much I love taking pictures.  I often think about buying a serious camera, but then I would have to lug it around.  I am pretty happy with the little Coolpix camera.  I am also happy with the Samsung I bought, I think it takes better pictures, but it is a bit bigger and I do not have a  case for that one.  The final thing I saw was absolutely amazing.  After stopping to admire the buck I had to catch up to Richard.  He was about a mile and a half ahead of me. He had stopped to wait for me and was starting to get worried.  He  stopped to watch the salmon spawning in the river. I have seen it before, but it is always an amazing sight to see.


Sadly the circle of life requires the salmon to die after spawning.  Such a majestic and difficult journey up the river, to spawn and die.  So tragic yet so meaningful, it is how I would like my death to be.  A celebration of life in the midst of death.



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