I shyly confess to liking Guy’s Grocery Games!

So I want to love the food network.  I really do, food shows all day every day, but I do not love it.  In fact the one show I really loved seems to have disappeared.  Jamie Oliver is one of my favorites.  His show Jamie in the Garden made me want to put a kitchen out in the middle of the woods and scrounge for components to make a meal.  Barefoot Contessa was one of the other shows that I liked.

What has happened to the Food Network?   Oh yeah, the same thing that happened to all other stations.  For some reason the staple go-to for this generation of television is reality shows!  Are you serious?  I really cannot stand to watch people pretend to not be acting in front of a camera.  Seriously your lives are so made up that I cannot believe people buy into the “reality” shit!

I must stop here for a moment to breathe.  As a vegetarian, I have really wanted at least one show, or one day focused on real vegetarian cuisine.  As much as I like Ina and Jamie, they are meat centric chefs.  Even Bobby Flay has great ideas, but again meat is the main idea.  Rachel Ray, god I really hate her, is nothing more than a box food commercial in drag!  Food Network should be about, food, like real food, plain simple and exotic ideas and not some corporate slogan.

One food host that absolutely grates my nerves is Guy Fieri.  He is loud and makes an ass of himself almost daily.  He eats the most disgusting things and promotes unhealthy food.  Yet, he has this game show that I love. Guy’s Grocery Games is a competition that pits 4 chefs against each other.  The competition is not what I like.  What I like is the fact that these chefs are given a challenge and given real life situations.  Things like limited resources, tight budgets and substitutions.  These challenges inspire creativity.  This is what I really love, the creativity of creating a meal from all frozen or canned foods.  Things that might be what you get from a food bank.  Granted, I am a fresh food cook, but once upon a time, I had to learn how to cook from the food bank.

Learning to cook from a food bank is really what developed my love of cooking.  When it becomes a challenge  to take a limited selection and create something delicious that your kids will eat, that is when I am most inspired.  The show “Chopped” once did a competition with things that would normally be thrown out, things like browning avocados and onion end.  To take these things and challenge ourselves to think outside the picnic basket is truly an inspiration.  Not everything turned out well, but I keep trying new ideas and I keep trying to figure out ways to eat well on the cheap, and that inspires me beyond imagination.


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