My biggest Life Hack!

My mother is a hoarder. Her whole family is. My dad, well currently he is on the cusp of being a collector and a hoarder. Once your collection takes up so much space it is no longer a joy and easily displayed, you are a hoarder. My whole life I have suffered from an attachment to things.

My first apartment was awesome, now that I look back. My problem was that it was small and I did not know how to let go of things. I had so much stuff crammed into that little apartment. I hated being home. I felt crowded and lost in my own space, because, well there was no space.

It has taken me years to understand the problem. Once I saw my mother in real light, I stepped back and saw myself in the same light. It terrified me. Having moved several times, typically to smaller places, I have purged often. The more often I purged the easier it was to let go.

I have never been very good at keeping my home clean. It was not filthy, but I had stacks of things everywhere. I did not realize it, but I had no place to put much of these items. Therefore they lived in stacks that I moved around the house. I am happy to say that I have figured out how to keep my home spotless and not be obsessive about it.

The key to keeping a clean home and finding happiness is to let go of stuff. Once you scale down to the point that everything has a place, and nothing is just piling up, you have reached nirvana! At least I have. Once I stopped holding onto old magazine, and I do still keep some, but not all, I felt so liberated. I keep food and fitness magazines for recipes and tips, most everything else gets recycled.

I do not have all the supplies in the kitchen that I used to have, but I have found so much more happiness not fighting with old yogurt containers and knowing that I can only save so much food before I run out of storage containers. Now I have to think about food in a different way. It is not a bottomless resource, there are limitations. It is also throwing money away every time I have to throw something out.

Instead of needing more storage space, I have found a wonderful feeling of freedom and peace in my home. I can now do yoga in my living room or my bedroom and not worry about running out of space. I can function in my kitchen and my dishes get done as they are used, not after they pile up. When you have limited resources, you learn how to manage them. By only having limited flatware and plates, I am forced to keep them organized and clean.

My biggest life hack, not becoming overwhelmed with stuff. Let go and find your peace, I promise your stress level will dissipate.


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