Pretty sure the media is to blame!

My partner likes to listen to talk radio.  I avoid it at all costs. During my marriage back in the 90’s, my husband was a die-hard Rush Limbaugh fan.  He made me watch the TV show and listen to the radio show.  I went along with it at the time simply because I had not found my voice yet.  I was spoon-fed my opinions and I accepted it.  Once I found my voice, listening to anything Limbaugh said just grated my last nerve.

When my current partner listens to talk radio this blather mouth comes on.  Today in the car I cringed when the show started.  His diatribe was mocking protesters and the media for glorifying the police killing black men.  He went on to say that there were not more police killing black people and that there was no issue with police violence against unarmed men with police records.  I was so glad when my partner turned the radio down and as soon as he got out, I changed the station, even Xmas music is better than that blowhard.

There was only one point he made that truly had any ring of truth to it.  He said that the media is to blame for the discontent of the public.  I do agree that the media makes everything out to be way worse than it is.  They report things like “Storm of the Century”, the more spectacular the headline the better the panic is from the masses.

What I do not understand is why people take reporters at face value?  Why would you assume that they report unbiased? We as a society have lost our ability to think for ourselves and to research facts, hence all the misinformation passed along on social media.  Are we so lazy that we just accept what we are told?  To remain silent while horrific acts are performed by those people who either are hired to protect us or lead us, is akin to the German’s not standing up to the systemic round-up of Jewish people.  Silence of good people is just as bad if not worse than the actual acts of atrocities that occur right in front of our eyes.  In Rush’s dialogue, it sounded like he prefers us to just accept what he tells us, there is no police brutality problem and that the only thing wrong is that the left is in control of this country currently.  So unless we shut up, we are idiots and have no idea what the truth is.

I am not an idiot, I do believe that the police brutality and the killing of unarmed people is absolutely an abuse of power, the lack of the legal system to at the very least indict those responsible is a failure of the very system that is supposed to protect us.  When the system fails to protect us from those hired to protect us, maybe we should stop and question why this is happening?


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