Happy Santarchy!

This by far is the best greeting I got today!  I wish I could say that I came up with it, but alas, I did not.  I have been thinking about this a lot today.  First off my partner was on call today.  He got called in at 1 a.m. last night.  He got back around noon.  I was so happy to see him and he was going to shower and have “brunch” with me.  That was the plan, but it got spoiled rather quickly.  He got called back in just before he got in the shower.  I am glad that he went ahead and took a shower and then sat down to eat with me.  He ended up being gone about 4 more hours.

I started my day around 8.  I got up and made breakfast and a Bloody Mary.  I should have started with coffee, but my stove top was pretty busy making brunch.  I made quite a spread, deviled eggs, humus, perogies and chicken gravy, salmon, stuffed mushrooms, cheese and crackers and egg rolls.  I would normally go to a movie, and I had thought about seeing Unbroken, and then out for Chinese, but I have been feeling under the weather.  I also wanted to spend some time with Richard.  I took a long long nap while he was out the second time.


We spent the afternoon finishing our feast and watching a few episodes of American Horror Story: Coven.  He had not seen it.  stressfree

No onto Santarchy as my new seasonal greeting!  I hear about “The War on Christmas” every year for the past few years.  I am not sure why some people think there is a war on the holiday that encompasses almost half the year!  I stopped celebrating when I was accosted with holiday music in October two weeks before Halloween.  To me the War is the War by Christmas.  But if we examine it a little deeper we can see that there are those that want Christmas to specifically stay in December and in December ONLY!  Holy $#%^! The major complaint is that cashiers are asked to say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas.  I actually prefer the more inclusive greeting myself.  The “right” are screaming that it is all the foreigners that are forcing change.  The reality is this country has had a large Jewish population since the beginning.  Merry Christmas is a bit offensive to them, and to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and to the Muslims and to numerous other groups.  I think the fact that the Christians feel it is driven by Atheists is part of the problem.

I take a much larger exception to the fact that Christmas is nothing more than a free for all in consumerism.  This is what I hate about this holiday, more than anything else.  More than the fact that it is a pagan holiday that has been christianized to suit those captured and “converted” to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Take that information and compare what goes on today and see how things like Festivus has become popular to the disillusioned.  I refuse to bust my ass to buy crap that no one wants or really needs just to satisfy the need to give a gift.  I asked my mom a few years ago to just not give me anything, or the kids anything.  She gave us stuff she would like, but the reality was that she has never lived in an apartment.  She has no concept of limited space and only keeping those things that are really important.

As a child I loved Thanksgiving above all else.  I think it was because I loved the endless food, but I loved that the day after was traditionally the day to get the tree and decorations out for Christmas.  No holiday movies or music were allowed until the day after Thanksgiving.  It gave you something to look forward to.  The anticipation was part of the joy of the season.  Knowing that those movies, songs and lights would only be around for a short time, made them all the more special.  Somehow we have lost that.  Somehow we have focused our frustration in the wrong direction, at the idea that Merry Christmas is the end all to be all of December.  Anyone who questions that is obviously a contributor to the ” War on Christmas”.  Maybe you should shut the hell up and take a good long look at why some of us choose to disengage int he season of consumerism.  Maybe you should ask yourself, why are you so pissed off that someone said Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas?  Maybe you should understand that just because we do not acknowledge this bastardized paycheck killing holiday does not mean that we bid you any ill will.  I hope everyone had a lovely day off, ate to their fullest, drank to be merry and spent the day with their families remembering that the real reason we work so hard is to provide for them.bikes

So from this day forward I will utilize the greeting Happy Santarchy!  And you will either find it amusing or walk away wondering exactly why that was said in the first place.  No I am not a Muslim, an atheist, a Jew or any number of other persons who finds Christmas to be a bastage of religion and secular practices.  I am just a girl who decided my soul cannot take the assaults any longer.  I sleep with a clear vision, do you?


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