63 days

Hold onto your panties!  I am about to jump this rock again!  Richard just asked me what if I never come back?  Well that is a blog for a later date, but I am pretty sure I have to come back and at least get my bikes ;)!

Thats right, in 63 days my next adventure begins. I am certain there are many things that need to be done before I go, but last time I was packed for 3 months ahead of time and still did not pack the correct items needed. This time I know a bit better what is needed, also my job is different so my clothing will be different. One thing I know, I will be mailing myself a package before I leave, books, magazines and snack mixes. I also will send myself some conditioner and tea tree oil. These were things I wish I had when I was in Africa. I know that Jamaica is different, but the weather will be similar.


I also know that I will be trying to keep my health up and acclimate a bit better this time. I plan on being with my family and learning as much as I can from them. Last time I spent far too much time with my PC group. This time, I will plan on weekly outings with other trainees and volunteers but for the most part participating with my family. The things that you learn the second time around always make it easier. I wish someone would have told me these things in the past, before I went to Africa.

If anyone has any suggestions for Raggae music and Calypso I would love to hear.  I am preparing to get some more music for my iPod and calypso is high on my priority list.


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