And now what?

I have been in a media blackout with Peace Corps since November.  I have been sent reminders and new tasks by the Medical office, but no word from the Jamaica desk or my recruiter.  I have been calling and leaving messages and emails for the past few months.  I am getting concerned with no word back.  Today I found the number to the country desk, so I called.  I actually talked to a live person.  She was very nice but had no record of my invitation at all!  WHAT THE HELL?  I confirmed with my recruiter and got a confirmation email and then the medical portal opened and I had to get a ton of things done to get my medical clearance.

The funny part is that two weeks ago I got this notice that I had missed a deadline and there were new medical tasks.  It said my departure was in danger.  I quickly found the documents and loaded them, in my defense they were not requested in my medical portal.   The funniest part of this is that I had called my recruiter and left a voice mail informing them that I had medical clearance the day before.

Last week another girl from the LR-5 (that’s the country code and year for Liberia) got her information for staging.  I am scheduled a week after her so this week I should get my ticket info and my hotel reservation.  I tried calling my recruiter again today.  No answer.  I went back into my documents, because I like to panic, I work best under just the right amount of pressure.  Too much pressure and I press back, or I drink. I looked in my past documents and found the country desk number and extension.

So logically I called the number.  I talked to a real person.  She asked for my name and I gave her all my information.  There was no record of my departure to Jamaica.  HOLY SHIT, WHAT?  Ok now I am freaking out.  She said the records show an invite to Liberia.  I explained to her that I was evacuated out of Liberia.  I told her I had gotten my medical clearance and that I have all the documents in my email.  She told me that she would contact my recruiter and get this straightened out.  She would call back either today or by end of day tomorrow.

So now I am in this really freaked out state of mind!  I should regroup and see this as a challenge, and I likely will see it differently tomorrow, but for today I am freaking out.


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