Finding order in the chaos

Exactly a week ago my whole life was turned upside down.  I was given the information that Peace Corps Jamaica had no record of me being in the next group to depart on March 9.  It is barreling down to the wire and these guys have no idea?  My head began to race and then my mind began to panic.  I know somewhere someone knew something because I had medical requests that were inline with a March departure and they also have to know where you are going since every country has specific immunization requirements.  But I panicked anyway.  It is what I do best.

The nice woman told me that she would call me back no later than the next day and try to figure this out.  Ok so 24 hours of panic, yep that was exactly what it was.  I stopped all planning and all organizing and just shut down.  In fact my apartment is still not quite recovered from that shutdown.  She made good on her word.  The next morning I had an email from her marked urgent.  There was also one from some person in Jamaica.   I opened hers first.  She wanted me to call her as soon as I got up in the morning.  There apparently was a glitch in the system, I suspect I know where that glitch was, but I digress.

I called her and she told me that Jamaica was more than happy to have me, but there was a ton of things that needed to be done.  I had to apply for my visa and next day air my passport to DC.  I had to get a whole bunch of online work done, stuff I had done for Liberia and assumed they reused because I had not been assigned anything to do yet.  I also had a huge documents to read and there is an assignment that I should start on now.   Lucky for me the subject is something I am overly familiar with.

So now that the panic is done and I got my bags mostly packed, I need to find a way to just relax.  I might try biking a bit this morning and definitely still going to continue with other exercise.  I should clean my apartment and I should get my hard drives  transferred over so that I can relax and know that I am ready.  I think being ready too soon can sometimes be an issue, one thing I do know is that I had to order a much smaller coffee grinder to fit in my bags.  So being ready early gave me a chance to order that and it will arrive before I depart.  It also give me time to sit back and relax some.

Not having a job has been a great blessing and I am fortunate that I have support here.  My partners parents are coming back down in a week to see me before I leave.  This departure does not seem as epic.  I think that was why I wanted to go to Africa in the first place.  Knowing that I am nowhere near the United States and that my leaving of someone coming to visit were to be epic journeys made it so much more real to me.  This time I  feel as though visitors is not going to be so hard to come by.  So as I look at the calendar and count down the days until my next adventure, I realize I am still anxious and nervous, excited yet sad.  With this whole range of emotions I feel as though relaxing is likely my best new friend.


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