The clock is winding down for Pre-Service Training

Only 9 days left here in Port Morant.  Wow where did the last five weeks go?  Not much to tell this week, no beach trips this weekend, too busy with other things.  I can start off with this week the drought became very real for me.  I was showering and the pipe ran dry.  Imagine being covered with soap and no more water!  You just have to make the best of it.  I wiped the water off my back and arms to try to rinse the soap off my legs.  It all works out in the end.  In life you cannot allow these little disasters to dictate your day! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Oh yeah, one exciting thing that happened today is that we did sector shadowing this week.  A group of 5 ladies went to a local NGO organic farm/commune.  It was an amazing location and although none of us are going to be stationed there we would all love to see this kind of thing in our sites.  Luckily I am great at networking and I might be able to spread this idea into a new location if it will serve the needs based there.  You have to remember that the needs of those who live there must always be addressed, not what you want, but what they want.  I really loved that we ate second breakfast at about 9:00 and then had snacks at around 11.  We even had lunch again around 12:30.  I love the schedule around a farm, not fixed!   We helped dig up a bed to create a type of compost pile known as Hugelkultur.  We finished the first one and began a second one down lower on the hill.  So many new and innovative ideas at this farm.  They even had a composting toilet system and a river rock shower system.  (this means river rocks instead of solid flooring in shower stall to filter and release water into the ground.) SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES This weekend went by so quickly with so many things going on.  First we went to send Jenny off.  She leaves the next weekend to go home forever, sad day for the rest of us.  After that we took a goat trail up the hillside into Morant Bay to catch a taxi to Allshamar.  Allshamar is this local music venue/jerk center.  Seeing someone who will soon be featured on a New York City radio station soon is amazing.  The artists on stage for the competition really try to pull the audience in.  I really enjoy this open air venue that goes on until nearly morning.  The main attraction did not even start until after 3 am!  I left with the group in my neighborhood around midnight.  We have not figured out or had the ability to adopt Jamaican time so well.  Jamaicans will get up very early to get stuff done before the heat really happens.  By 10 am, unless you are a business person, student or teacher, you are done working for the day.  You rest until evening and if any more work needs to get done you do it.  You then have the ability to party all night!  I remember a saying when I was a young person, “Party like a rock star”  this is something I have not succeeded in doing since my early 20’s!  I must be showing my age by now! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Saturday was a semi-lazy day.  My only goal was to get to Morant Bay and get coffee, which I failed to do.  I did manage to find instant coffee, but I forgot when I was in the supermarket to grab the beans.  Sadness befalls my soul.  I did find a decent bottle of white wine.  The red wine does not taste so great when room temperature is always above 86 degrees.  I might have to chill my red wine a little before finishing it off.  I also found some fabulous Gouda.  You betcha I splurged and got it! When I finally arrived back there was a bonfire planned for us.  I ended up having roasted plantain and I must say it is my new favorite thing.  Yellow plantains just stuck down in the fire to roast up, so sweet and still firm.  The idea of not cooking things in oil is my new desire.  I lasted until about 9:30 and was just too tired to continue on so again my neighborhood went home.  We live the farthest from everything, which actually has caused some problems with my foot.  It is swollen always and even starts to affect my knee.  I ice it daily and take too much ibuprofen and acetaminophen.  I was excited to find tiger balm at an awesome price while I was out shopping! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Sunday is my laundry day.  My host family is Seventh Day Adventist and there is no work done on Saturday.  I woke up today to find that only hand washing can be done.  My host mom told me only pick those things which must be washed.  I stood out there and washed for about 45 minutes.  I still have not showered, too worried about the water level and since I am not going out until later I can wait.  This next week is quite busy but she promised she would do my wash the day the water comes.  Hopefully it is soonish since I leave in 9 days and I hate to pack dirty clothes!


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