There are those days that you feel like………

There are those days that you feel like you have accomplished nothing at all, then there are days when you feel like you conquered a great mountain!  Today is one of those days.  Yesterday as well.  I think maybe I just needed a couple of days to breathe, and that feels like you are not doing anything.  I find those days frustrating but also very very necessary.  After the potato box I was just exhausted and also wanted a day to recover, not two days.  Yesterday I gathered information and made a couple of phone calls.  I did not leave my apartment for the most part, sadly.  The landlord had a few things he wanted to do in my apartment and the electrician was here, so home I stayed.


Today I had to stay home as well to finish up the light problem.  I did get a ton of things done yesterday and today.  I was still kind of feeling bummed about things until I talked to Kara and asked her if she wanted to collaborate on a project and set up a Bio-Char project.  She immediately said yes!  This project is not one I am so passionate about, but I mentioned it to some farmers and they were interested.  Their interest always gives me that little boost of energy I need.  Today I mentioned the project to my supervisor who got really excited when he realized it could be used in a coal pot and sold.  He saw a great potential in a revenue generating project.  Well it was not quite how I saw it being used, but a spark of excitement is great, so run with it I will.  The barrels will be delivered tomorrow, this is really going to happen.

I was asked to help with a project i my parish next week as well.I am not certain this will work out since I may be meeting someone important on Thursday. I hope to give her an answer soon, sorry it takes so long.  The reality that I am struggling with my CASI is totally dimmed by the excitement a project brings in.  So slowly I will try to gather community information but I am not going to stress on the lack hard data and focus on the relationships it requires to gather such data!


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