What Peace Corps means.

This is C. C is the son of one of my local farmers. C is deaf. Often people wave at him but overlook him when discussing new ideas or things of great importance. C has learned some sign language and he and his mother have their own unique gestural language. Sadly C is often bypassed in things of great importance because not many know how to communicate with him.


T is a woman who lives in my district. She is from the same area that I am from, Seattle. We bonded immediately. She is a teacher and has written her own curriculum for Sign Language. She has worked with C and given him a few books on signs to help him communicate better.

On this day we took C with us to witness a turtle hatching. Through all the communication barriers, pure joy is something that is universal. This picture was taken during the turtle hatching. C was so excited and happy to be included. I feel very honored that T decided that it would be great to include him in this event. I look at this picture and I remember the excitement and pure joy that this night brought to such a gentle and lonely man. It reminds me of why I joined the Peace Corps. I joined to be part of something bigger than myself, and this moment is far bigger than myself, or of C or of the moment at all. This is everything that life is about. And this is why I love the Peace Corps and Jamaica. Finding that one moment to hold onto and remember that I once witnessed what life is truly about. For this I am grateful.


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