The lure of adventure!

Joining the Peace Corps was not about adventure in the beginning. It was about making a difference. Or so that is what I told myself! I was sure it was my sense of needing to feel purpose in my life,or maybe it was my feeling that I must have been a bad person in a past life. I mean why would I keep getting dealt the worst life has to offer if I wasn’t a bad person, right?

Things really change and cycle if you allow it. I refuse to continue down this strange destructive path and started to explore different ways to live. One thing I realized is that just looking is not the same as experiencing. After my bike adventure, I knew I had to experience for myself other ways to live. It was the best most challenging decision of my life. When you join Peace Corps you begin to peel off layers of cultural mythology. You also get real familiar with yourself and your beliefs. This is by far the biggest adventure. The one they do not talk about in-depth. The adventure that will make or break you. In reality not many people like to become familiar with themselves. It is uncomfortable and all those lies you tell yourself are bared naked and exposed. It can be an ugly uncomfortable period for you and everyone you are close to.

When you join Peace Corps be prepared to see that man in the mirror in an entirely new light. The great thing about this is you can then choose how to shape that man. You either like him as he is, and congratulations on that, or you are shamed and want to bury him. In the latter case how you bury and shape him has everything, and I mean everything to do with how your build up new and old relationships. And that adventure you might be seeking, it will come in surprising forms and it will be the greatest one of your life!

*** This morning a friend of mine lost her husband to cancer, and I have been trying to find the best way to remember him, even though I did not know him. I know she is hurting as is the rest of his family. So I dedicate this entry to them.


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