I did a thing!

I have always said I am not a runner. If you see me running, you best just start running, ask no questions because I guarantee something awful is on my tail! That being said, someone talked me into doing a marathon!  Not the whole thing, I would have died, I almost died on the 10K and all I did was walk!


So this weekend was spent in Negril, my first time there.  It is a beautiful span of 7 miles (technically actually 4) of white sandy beaches that are the post card equivalent to paradise!  So why did I enter a marathon?  Well first off I am not a quitter.  When it was first suggested we do it, I snarkily stated I would walk it if others were interested.  Do not ever put something like that out there unless you are seriously thinking about doing it, because people will jump on that boat!  So once I said that, I was obligated to go ahead and do it!  So here I am wondering how in the world I got talked into participating in a marathon?


So Reggae Marathon is something that starts very early, 5:15 to be exact.  It starts before sunrise to avoid as much of the hot Jamaican sun as possible. It took me a little over 2 hours to walk 10K.  I walked with Jess because she was the only one that was walking my pace and had no desire to run, oh not until the last 30 seconds.  I thought I was going to die! I seriously did.  Even though I walked, it was still quite grueling and tiring.  I was exhausted and starving at the end.  I ended up walking another 3 miles after the race.  Yup, I am a glutton for punishment.  I walked along to Margaritaville and waited for it to open up, knowing that I could get a Bloody Mary there.  I have not had a Bloody Mary since I got to Jamaica and it is my favorite part of brunch!

redstripe at the end

I also had an emotional breakdown and freaked out on Richard over pretty much nothing.  So remember this, if you are holding onto a long distance relationship, maybe trying to deal with some minor issue after an exhausting race, is probably not the best time.  You are emotional, they are tired and confused and any emotional walls you have holding your emotions at bay, well they just sort of crumble.  You are left in this very scary state and wonder if the relationship just ended or if you are just crazy?  Do not do it!  Wait until that emotional high and low pass before addressing any real or imaginary conflict you might be having.

Bloody mary

I sometimes forget that I am not as strong as other people think I am.  I have vulnerabilities that apparently show up under excessive physical stress.  As a word of warning, “know yourself” and be true to yourself but take time to process.

our peeping tom


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