Wi nuh a bag fi mouth!

I just found out about blogging abroad challenge.  So I am starting late, in the next few weeks I will try to backtrack and get all 10 blogs in.  The last challenge is to talk about a proverb or a quote you hear often.  Sadly I do not hear much that sticks with me in meaning.  The one thing I have heard a few times is Mr. J. say in community meetings that “Wi nuh jes a bag fi mouth!”  I hope I spelled it correctly.  Actually I hope I quoted it correctly.

This week we are going to prove “wi nuh jes a bag fi mouth”.  We have planned a community clean-up and people appear to be motivated and excited.  We hope to get enough people to care to continue to keep the community clean.  It is part of my focus on environmental education.

So what exactly does this saying mean?  As I understand it, it means that we are a group of action and not just talk.  We say what we mean and do what we say.  The first time I heard it, I was wondering what in the World such a silly saying could mean.  I went home and thought about it all night.  After hearing it in context a few more times, I determined that it means not just talk but action as well.  So tomorrow we will prove this to be true!


My favorite proverb, which I never really hear used is: “One one coco full basket/evri mickle meck a muckle.”  This in essence means that every little bit ads up or little by little  one will go far.  So never hesitate to pick up that dollar off the ground, if you pick them up often enough you have enough for whatever you were needing.

So there you have it a little piece of Jamaican culture in your hot little paws!


4 thoughts on “Wi nuh a bag fi mouth!

  1. Just a small point. It’s not “bag fi mouth”, it’s “bag a mouth”. Which translated literally is “bag of mouth”, or in this case “a lot of talk”, so even though your quote was slightly off, your translation was correct.

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