Consolidation: A PCV’s worst nightmare!

Having already been through an evacuation, I know how difficult this is.  The unknowing, the mourning and feeling of loss can overwhelm you.  The worst part is that you get to be moved to safety while those you love and care for are left to grasp a disaster without the benefits of being moved to safety.

I know friends and family back home are happy that my safety is of utmost importance for the PC office.  However, this overwhelming feeling of dread is sometimes suffocating.  Life is wrought full of danger, yet we as volunteers are protected from those things which can be preempted.  As it stands now Hurricane Matthew will reach Jamaica around Monday early as a Category 3 or 4, which are quite rough.   I also worry about Cuba since I now have a family there that I care about.  It looks like the worst of the storm will not hit Havana, but these things are always changing as the air pressures change.

As it stands it looks like I will be going back to Kingston, so tired of being away from home lately.  Sadly two days ago I had to move from the first flat, which I was not told was temporary into a dorm for the next month.  At least now I can get my stuff packed and figured out what stays and what comes home!  So I am a step up from others I guess!


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