The silver lining: my life long dream achieved!

My new site is at Discovery Bay Marine Lab.   This is not a normal assignment, but due to the late date of the site change this was made available to me.  So what is it and what am I doing?  Discovery Bay Marine Lab (DBML) is an extension of UWI (University of the West Indies) and it is a facility that is available to scientists for marine research and schools for educational purposes.  I am currently looking for housing but thankfully I am actually working again.  My main assignment is to work on social media, public outreach and updating the educational presentations.  I am also to work with the local fisherman on the Special Conservation Area on public outreach and education.

Last week when were waiting for Hurricane Matthew to hit I had Richard call my dad.  In the conversation Richard told him I had a site change and what I was now assigned to do.  My dad at some point in my life paid attention!  He told Richard that it was cool that I was able to do this because it was a dream of mine since I was 8 years old!  I do not ever remember talking about this to him, but maybe I did and the tattoos might give it away!  The other piece of the conversation was that my dad now has two gas-powered pogo sticks, so now he and Richard can race!  I definitely have to ensure this DOES NOT happen.  This sounds like a broken skull and emergency room visit.

I keep thinking back to all the times in my life when life basically slapped me across the face and said sit down and shut up.  I always wondered if I was just strapped with bad luck or if I had been a bad person in a previous life?  Well maybe, just maybe, fate had put all the challenges before me so that I could appreciate when I am allowed to achieve my dreams.  I have to say there is nothing like finally accomplishing that life-long dream.  It is like joy wrapped up in a fuzzy puppy handing you chocolate!  There really is no measure of that joy, there is no way to describe it or to show enough gratitude that you are finally able to achieve something you thought was out of reach.


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