Trying to make sense…..

As a PCV I am in a unique position, in a unique place at a very turbulent time.  The election last night could have ruined my whole day.  I admit I was not even surprised by the results. Why?  Because Trump even being nominated is indicative of a larger issue.  The one that Sanders addressed when he ran, but was derailed because of the issue.  The issue is that the people, you know the actual people of the United States are fed up with politics.  We are tired of our votes not meaning anything, thank you Electoral College.  We are tired of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and the gap between becoming a canyon.  We in fact are tired and we are fed up.  The thing is Trump and Sanders represented the same thing.  From way different viewpoints, but the same thing.  An end to the status quo.


The reason 3rd party candidates never make headway is the same thing we are tired of.  The political machine crushes the people and pays no mind to the constituents that put them in power.  It is high time we take that power back.  You see the Republicans were wise enough to allow the xenophobic Man-child bully to be nominated understanding that this was the will of the people.  The Democrats did not follow the order of things.  They wanted to pull the puppeteer strings and put the first female in the Presidential office.  I for one distrusted Hilary about as much as I despise Trump.  When you have a populace that feels they have no choices you end up with what you got.  We will see how this plays out, I will not lie, I am terrified for my friends and neighbors.  I am scared for the rights so long fought and the progress made that will jump back almost a century, because I guarantee you the 50’s is not where we are headed, we are headed right back to the WWII era.  When the genocide of an entire race was attempted and good people just looked the other way.


Or,,,,, Maybe, I hope, Mr. Trump will have the same dysfunction in office that Obama faced.  Maybe the Senate and the House will be uncooperative, or they will be voted out in 2 years with a massive overthrow.  Whatever the outcome is, it will either completely shred this country apart or it will unite us together, but the status quo is not likely to survive either of those two options.  A broken system will remain broken until it is either dismantled or repaired.  Sadly this system is too far beyond repair, so I look forward to a whole new system, one that can be built from the lessons we have learned about how democracy needs to check capitalism and it cannot be allowed to put profit before people.  I doubt Trump will do this, but maybe the next president will.  One that sees the errors of the past and learns from them.  You see with a two-party system there is always a loser and this is not a feasible solution.  If this system were revamped to break down those barriers then having to lose would not feel like it was the absolute opposite of the desired result.

Whatever the future holds I assure you I am bracing for it.  The funny thing today is that one of the boat captains informed me that: “The Democrats neva hold office more den 8 years.  Neva!”  You know, he might actually be correct, I wonder how often the Republicans have held it more than 8 years?  Or Have they ever held it for 4 consecutive terms or more?  Or does the country flip elections after getting tired of the nonsense that gwaan in Washington?  I mean really what are the stats on this, I am certain there are stats.  I am just not interested enough to check into them.


So let this be a lesson to American Politicians, never move so far from the people that you cannot see pressure ready to blow.  If you keep pushing back on the people eventually they will push back on you.

As for me I will continue to strive to find the better parts of humanity and to seek peace and solace in the sea.

This is a fire worm, I am calling it Trump because it is orange has bad hair and is ecologically destructive.

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