An answer to the question, “What do we tell our daughters about Trump?”

I will not lie.  This entire election cycle has broken my heart and made me feel things I am ashamed to admit.  It has brought out some of the best in people and most definitely the worst in people on both sides.  The results are heartbreaking, because it feels as if hate won.  Most of us wonder what do we tell our daughters, our mothers, our sisters, our wives now that a misogynistic sexually assaulting man is in office?  I have an idea, a way to build up ourselves as women, and men and to survive the next four years.


What do we tell our daughters?  First off hate did not win, fear did.  People fear the threat of terrorism, they fear change, they fear the future.  Granted the most hateful parts of America raised up and became emboldened.  I will not lie, this terrifies me.  So what can we do?  We tell our daughters that we cannot allow a counter-fear to consume us, we must not allow the hatred we fear to consume us.  We must become supportive, and loving and less angry to survive, otherwise we will become just like those we are appalled by.

I challenge you to form support groups, groups of women who you chat with, have coffee dates with, dinner dates, lunch dates, reading groups, women who you connect with on the basis of being a woman.  We as women must stand strong and we must show our daughters how love can change things.  Support each other, build relationships and eventually invite our spouses, partners, sons, fathers into our circles.  Share with them our fears and our hope along with our dreams.  We learn to lean on each other and to support each other, we build ourselves up so that we may stand strong.  NO matter what the political view you hold, as a woman you have my support.  I will try to understand your viewpoint with a level head and an open heart, I expect you to provide me with the same understanding and acceptance.

If we cannot stand up and support each other, we will lose ourselves in hopelessness and despair.  We will become the thing we fear, angry and hateful, we cannot allow ourselves to become that.  We must continue to be the hope of the future, our daughters, sisters, mothers and lovers depend on us to become stronger than we ever thought we were, we must learn to forgive and let go of the anger.  We have to, or it will consume us.  I know because I have two modes of emotion, extreme happiness and extreme anger.  I try to stay as positive as possible, because I spent years in the darkness of my anger and it consumed me.

Photo from Alli Brown

I challenge you as a woman to find a few other ladies to spend a bit of time each week with.  Check-in with each other, create art together, drink wine together, make meals together and build each other up and break down that fear!


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