That one girl with the funny name, she had something to say!


About this Blog:

I am learning to let things go, this is difficult and requires my heart and soul. This blog covers so many aspects of my life.  I cover relationships, humor, my past and confronting it, my present, my Peace Corps Service, my cross-continental bike ride, food systems and recipes, and other non-tangible ideas.

About Me:

I have my Master’s in social justice and sustainability. I am considering going back for my Doctorate in Sustainable Urban Agriculture. Eventually I will live abroad on a Sailboat with my partner. I have goals, and when I set my mind to it I can accomplish anything. I live my life on a shoestring.  A dear friend said the other day that he has never known me to have the lack of money hold me back.

In 2011 I was hit by a truck on my bicycle.  It took months to recover and the pain still lives in me.   I am one of the fortunate ones, I can still walk and ride a bike.  This incident had a huge impact on my life.  I began to question how I was living and why I felt the need to hold onto traditional roles in society.  This was my second real paradigm shift.  I began to see the world from a new perspective.

About Life of Service:

In 2013 I took my life back.  I quit my job, biked across the continent. Later that year I was accepted into the Peace Corps.  I was stationed originally in Liberia, but just before swearing in, we were evacuated out.  One day I will return to my adopted motherland.  My second assignment is in Jamaica.  I am currently stationed in St. Mary up the hills and 20 minutes  outside of Ocho Rios.

My main assignment was to work on sustainable agriculture with a farm group and environmental education with my assigned community and school.  But life happens.  I am currently working specifically with the school on an amazing school garden and sustainable farm techniques along with bringing in a focus on environmental education this year.

About My Life Philosophies;  Why I blog about a variety of subjects:

I have so many ideas in my head, but they all go back to the basics.  We as a society have overvalued things and undervalued life.  I long to live with life being valued and things being objects.  Not to say that I do not love my technology, but at some point you have to remember relationships.  I tend to love dark ideas, at the same time embrace light.  I detest dogma and if you feel you know the only true way, then I kindly ask you to move along, we will never see eye to eye.  I respect the belief of others, but I need to find my own way.

About having such a random and dark name:

So I guess I have been seaofcarnage for so long that I just assume many people understand that it is not about violence but about a paradigm shift. Similar to the Phoenix rising up from the ashes, a paradigm shift requires the old paradigm to crumble and fall. I am from Seattle first and foremost and this name was given to me by a 16 year old girl from Australia in an underground chat room. I took it to mean so much more than she probably ever meant for it to be.

I am Seaofcarnage:

The fact that I am from Seattle and that I love the sea are very essential to my identity  this is where the Sea part comes from. I once had to explain carnage to a guy from Germany and there was quite a barrier in language. Carnage does not always mean death, but decimation of ideals. So if I embrace this identity it is about the destruction of old ideal to bring forth a paradigm shift of new ideals. So do not fear the name, embrace it, or don’t, I really am not that interested in your interpretation but I thought maybe this needed to be clarified.


2 thoughts on “That one girl with the funny name, she had something to say!

  1. My goodness girl, you have a very interesting and eventful life. Hope you are recovering quickly.
    Love Aunt Jane
    PS email me.

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